Gladden our minds from the aroma from Thy like

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Gladden our minds from the aroma from Thy like

O Thou type Lord! Thou hast written all the humanity from the same inventory. Thou hast elizabeth family. When you look at the Thy Holy Visibility all of them Thy servants, and all sorts of humanity was sheltered beneath Thy Tabernacle; every has actually gathered along with her within Thy Dining table from Bounty; all are illumined through the white of Thy Providence.

O God! Thou art form to all, Thou hast delivered to every, dost protection all of the, conferrest lives abreast of the. Thou hast endowed each and all the that have strengths and you may attributes, and all of is submerged about Water from Thy Compassion.

O Thou type Lord! Unite every. Allow the religions concur making the places you to, so they ily plus the entire environment overall home. Can get all of them live together with her for the best harmony.

O Thou kind Father, Goodness! Brighten our sight from the White out of Thy Advice. Glee the ears into the track out of Thy Keyword, and you can protection all of us regarding Stronghold out-of Thy Providence.

Thou ways the Mighty and you may Powerful, Thou art the brand new Flexible and you may Thou artwork the one who overlooketh the flaws of all humanity.

O Jesus, O Thou Whom hast cast Thy splendor across the luminous insights of men, losing up on her or him the new resplendent lighting of real information and you may guidance, and you will hast chose him or her from most of the authored some thing for it supernal sophistication, and you may hast caused them to cover everything, to know the inmost substance, in order to reveal the secrets, bringing her or him forward out-of dark into visible world! “He verily showeth His special mercy to help you whomsoever He’ll.” 2

O Lord, assist Thou Thy friends to track down knowledge while the sciences and you will arts, and to unravel the fresh treasures which can be treasured upwards about inmost facts of all of the authored beings

Make them are ensigns off suggestions amongst all the animals, and you can piercing rays of brain dropping ahead their light during the it, the new “first lives.” step 3 Make sure they are becoming frontrunners unto Thee, guides unto Thy roadway, runners urging boys on to Thy Kingdom.

“Baha’i matrimony was partnership and you can cordial passion between the two events. They have to, although not, do so the most worry and stay acquainted for each other people’s reputation. This eternal bond is made safer by a company covenant, as well as the purpose is to foster balance, fellowship and you can unity and to receive eternal lifestyle.”

Brand new vow out-of relationships, this new verse to-be spoken truly by the bride-to-be in addition to bridegroom regarding the visibility with a minimum of two witnesses acceptable so you’re able to new Spiritual System try, because specified on Kitab-i-Aqdas (By far the most Holy Book):

Compliment become in order to Goodness, this new Old, this new Ever-Abiding, the latest Changeless, the newest Endless! The guy Just who hath testified in the Individual Are one to verily He is one, brand new Solitary, the fresh new Untrammeled, the newest Exalted. I incur witness you to verily there’s no Goodness however, Him, acknowledging Their oneness, confessing His singleness. He hath actually dwelt during the unapproachable heights, on the summits regarding His loftiness, sanctified about reference to aught save Himself, free from the fresh malfunction off aught but Him.

Make sure they are to listen to the newest hidden truths that are written and you may stuck in the middle of all that is

Just in case The guy desired to reveal sophistication and you can beneficence to help you guys, and also to put the country managed, The guy revealed observances and you can authored statutes; one of them The guy mainly based legislation off relationships, made it since good fortress for really-being and you may salvation, and you will enjoined it on you where that has been delivered off from the heaven from sanctity in his Very Holy Book. The guy saith, higher was Their fame: “Enter wedlock, O anybody, you to ye id My personal servants. This is exactly My putting in a bid unto your; keep quick to it a help yourselves.”


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