A slave’s life at ‘The Ranch’ is a far cry from Arthur’s sexy fantasies

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A slave’s life at ‘The Ranch’ is a far cry from Arthur’s sexy fantasies

Arthur is a frustrated male sub, who’s wife Emma has no interest in playing his silly slave games. When he finally talks her into visiting a ranch that caters to dominant https://www.hookupdate.net/guyspy-review/ females and their slave husbands, he thinks he’s found the perfect solution to play out his fantasies. But life at ‘The Ranch’ is far from what he expects. As soon as they arrive, a stern warder, Hilda, zaps him with a cattle prod and locks his genitals in a chastity belt, pocketing the key. Emma soon learns that Arthur has been emailing the ranch director Jenett, pretending to be her. His tales of Emma’s wicked punishments have turned her into a Femdom hero, and she’ll need a crash course from Arthur to maintain the deception and her credibility as a Female Dom. Angered by his subterfuge, she cages him for the night and sleeps alone. The next day, the couple tours the pony barn where males are stabled for life, the dungeon rooms, which contain every piece of torture equipment known to man, and the maid training facility called ‘Distinguished Domestics’ where unwilling males are forced into a life of service as domestics. However, both must fend off the suspicious Hilda, who rightly suspects that Emma is a novice in the Femdom world. Arthur’s life will never be the same, but just who will finally own this hapless sub remains unclear until the story’s intriguing conclusion.

Emma falls in love with her new ‘boyfriend’, while sending Arthur to be trained as a Distinguished Domestic, serving a number of formidable females

Popular Femdom author Orlando is back again with another red-hot collection of Femdom tales. In A Full Ride the price of going to college becomes more than Mike ever dreamed. In Horsing Around what could a woman possibly whisper in your ear that would make you agree to become a horse for the rest of your life? Many men that are into femdom want to be controlled but what does that really mean? In I Want to be Controlled Mark finds out!

But while he’s ready to leave, Emma has warmed up the unusual lifestyle in particular, making love to the goodlooking ‘escort slave’ Greg while Arthur cringes in his locked cage

Femdom. Femdom Author Orlando’s latest installment in the “Men” series – another collection of Female Domination Stories. In Two Dog Night Jimmy is convinced to don a dog costume to win a prize that results in a lifetime as a puppy. Then poor Brian’s mistake in Piggy reveals his submissiveness to his neighbors as he ends up becoming a piggy for them and his wife – for life! And in Her Maid a stupid bet causes Chad to become Fifi, his wife’s maid. When he dares to engineer an escape, the unthinkable happens. These stories and many others are full of memorable themes. Femdom at its best! Sometimes with straight forward descents into hell, sometimes with twist and turns as a poor wretch is turned into a thing that he never dreamed of becoming and sometimes just a simple chance encounter leads to a life of s****l slavery for a man who never dreamed he could be so tricked.

Knox: Having gone through a breakup more specifically saying being cheated on by the person whom you think is your world does make a man lose hope in trust and love. But the moment he laid eyes on her, his heart said only one thing on the moment that She is mine, solely mine. There is no way I am going to let her lose from my hand and life even if I have to lie to her about my place in my company. SHE IS MINE. Casey: After having gone through a rough patch of life being an orphan and having worst foster homes in life doesn’t give you the hope to trust someone so easily. Being appointed as the assistant to the manager of programming to one of the most famous firms which are famous not only for the success but also for the grumpy asshole CEO does make you scared more. But Matt who helped me to relax through the panic attack and swept my heart from the sweet smile which shows his dimples. But he never talks to me about the place he is in the company and avoids the question like plague. Is it possible for me to trust someone so easily in life? WILL THE LIE KNOX TOLD CASEY TEAR THEM APART FROM THERE BLISS OF HAPPINESS. Please do rate my story. Thank you


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