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What is Mard?

The answer is pretty simple, actually! Mard is your new favourite grocery and more shopping app. We deliver everything you need from all your favourite stores with very good price right to your door! Our tech-savvy team created our app using the latest AI and machine learning technology to elevate your shopping experience

How do I create a MARD account?

Getting started with Mard  is super easy – just head to the Play or App Store, install the app and click on “Get started”. Our user-friendly app will then navigate you through the simple registration process step by step or visit our website mard-express.com

How do I pay for my order?

With Mard,  You can pay on the app or our website using your debit or credit card .

How can I see the latest local promotions?

To see the latest deals and promotions, you not need to enable your location to see nearest stores, only open our website or mobile app and see all offers and promotions for all store available in Mard then we will delivered to you.

How do I order my groceries through Mard?Our order process is as simple as 1,2,3.
· Download the Mard app from the Play or App Store or open  mard-express.com
· Create a new Mard  account and select the products you need from different stores together.
· Choose your payment method, delivery option, and order!

Will all promotions from all store show up on the Mare app?

Yes, of course! Any promotion or discount ongoing in one of our partner stores will be visible on our app and We will deliver without being restricted to your address or store location

Can I track my order?

To see how things are progressing once you have placed your order, go to “Order History” on the Mard  app or website then click on your current order to see the status of your order at different stages.

Can I track my order?

To see how things are progressing once you have placed your order, go to “Order History” on the Mard app or website

then  click on your current order to see the status of your order at different stages.

How do I contact customer care?

Our customer care team is always  ready to answer  your questions. just open your Mard app, tap the  menu on the bottom left of  the screen, then click “help”. Or go to our website and  click “contact us” You can also reach out to our team

by email through


What hours of the day does Mard deliver?

We, as a Mard, are pleased to collect all the needs of customers from all participating stores with us, and we have two delivery options, either the same day delivery in the case of ordering before 4 pm or the next day delivery

Where does Mard deliver to?

We currently deliver to all areas in Dubai, sharjah and ajman.

I can’t find my area – what do I do now?

If  you have added your delivery address but haven’t found loca  stores, it may mean we do not  deliver to your area yet. For further  assistance, get in touch with us via support@Mard-express.com

Is there a limit on the number of orders I can make per day?

Abso utely not! You can order as many times as you like on the Mard app  and website.

Can I change my delivery address once I have placed my order?

Yes – to change your address after you have made an order,just reach out to our customer care team . It’s important to change your address before the order is dispatched to avoid delays.

Have another question we didn’t answer here?

Send an email to support@Mard-express.com  

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